‘The Road Map to BCS’ held at University of Dhaka

The Road Map to BCS’ event has been held by Dhaka University Career Club (DUCC) at Teacher-Student Center (TSC) of University of Dhaka from 2pm-5pm on 20th January, 2019.

The chief guest of this event was Dr. Soumitra Sekhar, Advisor – Teacher-Student Center (TSC), Professor – Bengali department – University of Dhaka.

The main motive of this event was to let the audience know more about the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) exam, to answer their queries about BCS and to hear the experiences of the guest speakers on BCS exam and its preparation.

The guest speakers were- Rahmat Ali Shakil (BCS Foreign Affairs, Merit-1st, 37th BCS), Halimul Harun (BCS Police, Merit-1st, 37th BCS), Umme Habiba Farjana (BCS Administration, 37th BCS), Sheikh Suraiya Urmee (BCS Police, 37th BCS) and Abdullah-Al-Mamun Leon (BCS Police, 37th BCS). They shared their personal experiences and provided guidance on how to take preparation for BCS exam.

The event was held in six parts. Which are respectively- Basic Info on BCS exam system; Syllabus of BCS exam; Detailed discussion on subjective preparation; Subjects will be covered: Bangla, English, General Knowledge, Mathematics, Science & ICT, others; Panel Discussion and Question /Answer session.

This event was helpful for the participant to many important things regarding BCS exam and it encouraged them as well.

Dhaka University Career Club(DUCC) is one of the prominent clubs of the University of Dhaka. It has been working since 2009 to create awareness among students regarding their career.

The Road Map to BCS by DUCC